Goribor in Sarajevo & Mostar



The band Goribor, coming from Bor in Serbia, played two gigs last week in Sarajevo and Mostar. On Thursday 29th June they performed at the art house cinema Kriterion in Sarajevo and the next night in the cultural and social center Abrašević in Mostar. I followed the band to Mostar.

Mostar is hot and the gig was held in the open air in front of Abrašević. It was a fairly intimate space and the band was on a low level stage close to the audience. Their alternative rock sound is grunge like and just dark enough to be mystifying. They have instrumental songs that carry the listener out of themselves to be a part of the music. The starlit setting of their gig in Mostar enhanced this sensation.

The vocals of Aleksander Stojković, known as ‘St’, are projected almost as poetry in the spoken word form across the music. And his stance is across the stage, side on to the audience so that he remains between them and the band, an element separate and also the combining factor.

And every member was significant in this way, not one piece was lost in the whole but stood out as distinctive sounds blended harmoniously.

Željko Ljubić, ‘Pity’s’ guitar was at some moments bluesy and at others sharp and electric.

The energy of Goran Ljubić ‘Goger’ on the drums was hypnotizing, what could be the most physical of the parts was performed without breaking a sweat, naturally.

The bassist, Duško Spasojević was passionately consumed by his solo pieces that encouraged the audience to feel the same.

Each member of the band was involved with their own pieces and yet they moved rhythmically with each other in tight timing, you could sense their mutual appreciation and respect.

They played two encores after leaving the stage completely; the crowd was unwilling to accept the end of the show.

After they finished playing the band sat on the stage drinking and talking with the people of Mostar and sociability was easy and natural. They were unimposing musicians, a pleasure to be around and their music and stage presence was enough to set everyone on a palpable high.

To me they represent alternative rock in a similar vein to their fellow Serbs Kanda Kodža i Nebojša, whom I have yet to see live. I would highly recommend Goribor to anyone appreciative of good music played well.

Kirsten Mackie

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