Sarajevo Culture Bureau : Development and the Future


So, now that SCB is established, what are our plans for the next few months? We have more or less established ourselves now as a site for reviews mainly about visual art. But we want to develop so that we are a lot more than that. Here’s our main priorities for growth and development in the next year:


When the site was started, it had mainly English speaking migrants writing for it. This is fair enough for coverage outside of BiH, but it is not very satisfactory for domestic audiences, many of whom are excluded by our inadequate Bosnian and their own level of English. So, at the beginning of 2013, the site will be completely re-designed: central to the re-design will be the availability of all our content in both Bosnian and English. In time, all the English-only articles on the site to date will be translated for everyone to read.


Expansion of Coverage

The vast majority of our articles feature exhibition reviews, but in the next year we will be expanding to cover music, literature, theatre, film and the popular cultural history of the city.  Articles are planned on subjects as wide as developments in the Sarajevo literary scene, and the history of football in the city. Our ability to provide such coverage depends on the number of writers who are willing to contribute single or a series of articles. At present, we cannot pay, but in the future this is likely to change.

Moreover, we will be expanding our coverage beyond the boundaries of the city next year, with visits to cities including Mostar, Tuzla, and Banja Luka, to conduct interviews and report on cultural developments there. If you have something planned, let us know about it and we will grumble up the road to wherever you are in the SCB Yugo 45.

Media Link-Ups

SCB plans to link up with other existing Sarajevo media organisations in the coming year, to widen the reach of our articles and establish mutually productive links. We will post more info on this once the various planned developments are confirmed. Moreover, in the next two years, we will be moving into publishing books (bilingual again) on the basis of our investigation into the art scene. Other exciting media plans are at a less well developed stage.

Curation / Art Activism

Several exhibitions under the SCB banner, at various venues, are in the planning stages for 2013, ranging from individual shows to major group exhibitions towards the end of that year. Critical to the development of the city as the cultural megalopolis that it can be, is the development of a cultural strategy with as many partners and stakeholders as possible. Sarajevo has a really rich and diverse cultural scene, but the impact of this is often blunted by a lack of co-ordinated planning and no real sense of where the development of culture is going. To this end, we will be holding a number of one day conferences and seminars in the next year. We are also planning to link up more closely with individual NGOs in the city, to add our voice to their campaigns.

We Need People

SCB can probably do at least some of these things with our existing staff, but in order to reach our full potential in the next year we need more input from a wider group of people. Have you something burning to say about music, theatre, books, contemporary dance, Željo’s defeat in the recent Sarajevo derby? In either English or Bosnian, we have a space here where you can say it. Get in touch…

When we started, no one really knew how things would go with SCB or, indeed, if it would catch on. But, having built the foundations, we are now here to stay and develop. You can be part of it, too.

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